The Gordy Family
The Gordy Family
The Stories

About the Stories

This section provides a place for sharing your stories about the Gordy family.  From the stories constructed after long hours of research to the anecdotal oral histories handed down from one generation to the next, all Gordy stories are welcome. The only restriction is that they not involve living persons. (The web is a public forum, and we do not wish to violate anyone’s privacy.)

The initial organization of this section classifies stories by the geographic areas to which the Gordys migrated, with the addition of a section covering stories from the pre-migration period between 1650 and 1800.

Please contribute!
Stories may be e-mailed to Eileen (see Contact page). Microsoft Word (PC or Mac) is the preferred format, but other PC word processors should be acceptable. (Your file has to be pasted into the HTML code and “behave” in a predictable manner.) Stories will be credited below the title and copyrighted at the end of the story. The copyright will be dated in the current year and given to the submitter unless a different author and/or copyright date is specifically indicated by the submitter. If a previous copyright is held by someone other than the submitter, we will need permission from that person or entity to include the story on the web site.



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