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1 May 2008
All of the pictures included in this collection have been submitted by members of the Gordy family. If you have family pictures you are willing to include, please share them. We are particularly interested in photographs of the older generations as there are many Gordy descendents who have never seen pictures of their grandparents or great-grandparents. We are also happy to host more recent family photos. The name of the submitter of the photographs will not be included, but we will need the names of the folks appearing in the pictures. The picture section powered by SmugMug is searchable.On any SmugMug Gordy family page enter the name you seek in the search box (upper right) and hit return. (Try various possiblities of the name, e.g. "Bill Gordy" may be listed as "William Gordy".) Our categories will increase appropriately as we add photos. We will add new family photo catagories for family branches in additional locations and/or different times; and also plan additional catagories for photos of family lands, documents and tombstones. For details about including your pictures, read the Picture Submission page. If you plan to attend the Mississippi Family Reunion in June, please BRING YOUR PHOTOS, we will be set up to scan them “while you wait”.

The picture section of our web site is powered by SmugMug, an excellent photo hosting family-owned internet company. (To learn more about them, see their “About Us” page and be sure to read the “Our Story” link at the bottom.) Explore their site, it is interesting! We have a PowerUser account, if you are interested in the availability of specific features. I plan to customize the design of our SmugMug pages to coordinate more closely with the rest of our site, but felt it was more important to make the pictures available as quickly as possible. Expect a modification in the look of our SmugMug pages in the future.

The digital photographs stored, archived and displayed by SmugMug may be downloaded  to your computer in all available sizes at no charge. If you would like to order professional prints (for yourself or shipped as gifts), they are available for a nominal fee (the processing charge + plus shipping). There is no fee paid to the submitter of the photograph or to Gordy for any photograph. The photographs are excellent quality and are available in sizes from 4x6 to 30x40. (The SmugMug system will not allow you to order a print larger than is supported by the available digital resolution of the selected photo.) Available finishes are glossy, luster and matte. We will have samples of some of the available sizes and all available finishes at the Mississippi Reunion in June.



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