The Gordy Family
The Gordy Family

About the Gordy Genealogy

Update: 07 Feb 2008
The genealogy information presented on this site was researched and compiled by Melinda Gordy Corporon and Barbara Gordy Fox. These descendancy lists are generated from their database.

Melinda and Barbara began their research faced with an amalgamation of information disparately gathered by multiple people over almost 50 years. We all owe great appreciation to those first Gordy genealogists for their diligence and persistence in finding the people and those stories when research, communication, information access, and travel were more difficult than they are today. The earliest Gordy researcher of whom we are aware is Stephen Behr, who began his research on the early Gordy family as a high school project in the 1960s, and stuck with it for many years after graduation. He also developed a genealogy of the descendants of Seth Gordy (Peter I, John, Jackson, Seth) who migrated from Maryland/Delaware into the Minnesota-Ohio area. In the 1970s Glenn (Mrs. I.D.) Gordy and Hattie (Mrs. M.L.) Gordy complied a genealogy with anecdotes called "The Gordys of Mississippi and Relatives". Robert Torbert of Alabama during the 1990s developed a seven-book organization of the descendants of Leonard Gordy (Peter I, Peter II, Leonard) who migrated from Maryland/Delaware into Georgia. He incorporated Behr's work on the early Gordy's, and Glenn and Hattie's work from Mississippi (Leonard’s son William subsequently migrated into Mississippi).

There are numerous contemporary genealogists who have made significant contributions to this work. Most notable contributions were made by Betty Gordy Schultz, who has galvanized the internet communication between Gordys and provided a clearing house for all information Gordy; the director, Rebecca Miller, and her staff at the NABB Center in Salisbury MD; as well as the staffs of  the Princess Anne Maryland Court House, Snow Hill Maryland Court House and Library, the Delaware Archives in Dover DE, and the Hall of Records in Annapolis MD.

The descendancy lists, none exceeding four generations, include name, birth date and location, death date and location; spouse name with marriage date and location. The included categories of information provide the level of detail in our database, e.g. if we have town or county for birth, it is listed, if we do not, only the state is listed.

Initially only the earliest descendancies were included. We are in the process of adding more. The lists are connected by a name (highlighted in red) providing the link to the top of a subsequent descendancy list. A link to return to the previous list is provided in the upper right of the page on all subsequent lists. It is our policy to not identify living individuals by name. Where we know a person to be living, their name is replaced by "Living" in the list. If a database entry shows a birth date after 1935 and there is no death date, we assume that person to be living and replace their name with "Living(?)". The non-name information in the listing is left intact. The published lists extend through the seventh generation with Moses I/Peter I as the first generation.

On 07 Feb 2008 we added 22 descendancy lists under Moses Gordy I. These new lists each show the descendants of a selected 4th generation descendant of Moses I. The lines presented were chosen because our genealogical database includes information that extends these lines into the recent past. Our hope is that these new lists include enough information for some of the Gordys who think they might be descended from Moses Gordy I to find a recognizable name, location and/or date as a connection to the lineage. There are 108 additional fourth generation lines under Moses I that may have living descendants, but we do not have have sufficient data to extend them into the recent past. To the many Peter I descendants out there, take heart, we will soon be putting up comparable information for the Peter Gordy I sub-lines.

This genealogical database is by no means complete or totally accurate! If you see entries that are in error, or are completely missing, please contact Melinda with questions or corrections/additions. There are forms provided under the Update Gordy Database in the navigation sidebar. Please use them!!

Thank you for any information you are able to contribute!


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