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The Gordy Family
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14 June 2012 : John Cary descendant 67-marker Y-DNA result!
In 2012 we were fortunate to receive a 67-marker y-DNA test result for a documented descendant of John Cary (Thomas Cary, the Immigrant/John/Samuel/Eli Sr./Eli Jr./ Lemuel/James R/Francis Eli/Ralph Major/Participant - FTDNA Kit#132875). The results published on the Carey/Cary DNA Project website (Haplogroup R1b - Lineage I) appropriately match descendants of John Cary's brothers Edward and William. A comparison of the John Cary descendant to the Gordy modal haplotype has been added to the Results Chart. There are 20 mis-matches in the 67-marker test and several markers differ by more than one point; a definite non-match within genealogical time. John Cary was not the father of Peter and Moses.

7 May 2008 : New Moses I descendant DNA result!
The addition in May 2008 of G12 is an exciting one! G12 is an exact 37 marker match to G6 and G7 and to the Gordy modal haplotype. We now have the modal haplotype occurring in both the Moses I (G12) and Peter I branches (G6 and G7, each descendants of different sons of Peter). This implies that the haplotypes of Moses and Peter were the same and increases the odds that the haplotype carried by these three men was the haplotype carried by the father of Moses and Peter.

7 February 2008 : More Moses I descendants needed in DNA surname project!
The addition in February 2008 of two new results, G10 and G11 increase the number of Peter I participants to seven, however we still have only two Moses participants. To help recruit more Moses participants we have posted 22 Moses descendant lines. The two current participants are from the lines of Moses I/Thomas/Peter W./Archibald Charles (G3) and Moses I/Aaron/Aaron Jr./Peter Benton (G4). Ideally we would like to have at least two participants each from the three surviving Moses lines: Thomas, Aaron, and John; with each participant representing a separate sub-branch. (Note that at this time we have no information after birth of their children for the four other sons of Moses I. See the Moses I descendancy list for details.) If you are interested in participating in the DNA surname project, please investigate the joining information or contact Eileen for more details.

22 October 2007: We have new results (code designation G9) from a descendant of Moses the eldest son of Peter I. This branch of the family moved to North Carolina in the late 1700s and our records of them ended in the early 1900s. This study participant found us through the web site and it was hard to tell who was the most exited about the new contact! The DNA match is very close, and we have added to our Gordy descendancy list. This addition means that we now have at least one sample from the line of each of the sons of Peter I.

30 September 2007: We have several new DNA results reported. Mr. Gorday now has data from all 37 markers reported and they are not matched closely enough to the other results in the study to be considered related in genealogical time. "Gorday" is a name variation that is definitely among those that have been used in the past to represent what we now call "Gordy", so this non-match may represent our first discovery of an unrelated family among the "Gordy" name variations.

We also have two additional results reported from new participants. One (code designation: G6) has a completely documented paper trail as a Peter I descendent. The other (code designation: G7) has family records that indicate a Moses I descendancy, but Melinda Corporon's extensive research on "his line" connects his great grandfather to the Peter I line through Peter's son William. The very exciting aspect of these two results is that G6 and G7 are an exact match on all 37 markers! And they differ by only one marker out of 37 from C3, a Moses I descendent. The family at this point is showing a much tighter Y-DNA profile than we would have thought in the beginning. See the Results page for more information.

23 July 2007: The DNA results and lineages that are associated with our independent project are now available! Exciting news is the two major lines, Moses and Peter, are a close match to each other. We are currently seeing a difference between the two lines in two different makers. See the Results page for more information. Also today we have a new study member with the surname spelling variation "Gorday". Mr. Gorday (code designation: G5)has four generations of paper documentation and wants to determine if there is a genetic connection. He has 12 markers already complete and the additional 25 to total 37 are in process. We do not see a close match in the 12, but that is not a conclusive result in the generational spans we are considering. We just have to wait...

17 July 2007: We opened a Gordy DNA Surname project with FamilyTree DNA. We are in the progress of transferring the Gordy data from the Cary/Carey project. There will be new information posted very shortly!

As we enter the summer of 2007: Havard Gordy (code designation: G4), a sixth generation descendent of Moses Gordy I, has a test in progress. Harvard Gordy's predecessors have lived in the same area of DE/MD since the time of Moses and Peter ; their family records and legal documents exist in an unbroken series. Harvard's "paper trail" is therefore completely documented. This makes him an important data point for our study. If his DNA results appropriately match that of others in his line, that DNA match provides the others with documentation of pedigree continuity where their line overlaps with Havard. Havard is a greater genealogical distance from Charlie on the Moses side than Fred and Travis are from each other on the Peter side. Charlie and Harvard are fifth cousins, once removed, with a most recent common ancestor of Moses Gordy I. This separation is important, because to develop an accurate haplotype of our “pater familis” we need to base it on a broad sample across our family tree, not on a single sample or only very closely placed samples.

In the spring of 2007: Charlie Gordy (code designation: G3)joined the study. Charlie is a seventh generation descendent of Moses Gordy I. This means that he is as distantly related to Fred and Travis as is possible in their generation, i.e. their most recent common ancestor is the father of Moses I and Peter I. Charlie’s results came back just before the Family Reunion on a night that the FamilyTree data server was “having issues” and while we knew there were results available, we could not get to them. We had no choice but to wait (with or without grinding teeth…) Charlie’s results were a close match, indicative of the appropriate genealogical distance between him and Fred/Travis. With only three data points, we have an indication that indeed Moses and Peter were paternally-biologically brothers. We now know that we are paternally (as well as maternally) one family, we just don’t know who the “pater familis” is….

In the late winter of 2006: Fred Gordy (code designation: G1) and Travis Gordy (code designation: G2) submitted their DNA samples to FamilyTree DNA for Y-chromosome testing. Fred and Travis are both seventh generation descendents of Peter Gordy I, with a most recent common ancestor of William D. Gordy (also designated as William Jr.). When their results arrived, the good news was they are related, not too surprising, as they are second cousins, but we had our start! But the bad news was the results also indicated that neither of them are related in an appropriate time frame to the tested descendants of John Cary’s family. (Don’t know who John Cary was, or why we care? Read the Introduction to The Gordy Family Story.) It seems that finding answers in our DNA may not be as easy as we hoped, or perhaps our DNA has some unexpected information in store for us.

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