The Gordy Family
The Gordy Family
DNA Surname Project

Y-Chromosome DNA Test Results

Current as of 14 June 2012
The Gordy DNA Surname project is facilitated through FamilyTree DNA. The DNA analysis is done by the Houston Genomics Center.

On 21 July 2007 a transfer of the Gordy data that was initially associated with the Cary/Carey Surname project was completed. The result and linage charts now displayed by the links below originate from the Gordy DNA Surname project.

On the DNA result chart, each row contains the data of one man and is identified by a unique code number which is also placed on the lineage chart to show the documented genealogical relationships of each man tested. (As on other areas of this site, we do not list living individuals on the genealogical charts.) The chart data are organized and color coded by earliest documented ancestor. As we acquire more participants under each common ancestor, it will be possible to project a haplotype for that group. At that point we will begin to make match comparisons between each individual and the group haplotype rather than between individuals. As an aside, it is not possible to develop a group haplotype from only two individuals unless they are identical, because only integral values have meaning in a haplotype. It is therefore not informative to "average" the integers found at the same location in two individuals. Moses Gordy I and Peter Gordy I descendents are grouped and shown in red. The Gorday/Gordey descendents are shown in blue.

The results chart shows a participant category "Moses I or Peter I"comprised of participants G8 and G15. These two individuals separately found us through the FTDNA matching service. They knew of no relationship to Gordys or to each other prior to the DNA testing. They show very close 37 and 67 marker matches to each other and to us, especially to G4. This closeness to G4 implies a likelihood of a Moses I line match and we are finding paper trail information that may imply a connection through Moses I/John line. Unfortunately we do not yet have any study participants from that line. If you are or know a Gordy surname male descended from Moses I/John, please consider DNA project participation. G8 and G15 are really nice folks who would love to resolve their family heritage.

The two markers (DYS#390 and DYS#458) that initially appeared as distinctly different between the Peter I and Moses I lines are now shown to be mutations that occurred later in the Peter I line. In 2010 we added two participants, G13 and G14, each of whom is a descendant of a different son of William M. Gordy (Peter I/Peter II/Leonard/William M.). They share the mutations at DYS# 390 and DYS# 458 with their cousins G1 and G2 who are descendants of a third son of William M. Gordy. Also of interest is that participant G7 (PeterI/PeterII/William) does not share these mutations implying that that the changes occurred with Leonard or William M.

In May 2011 the Gordy Modal Haplotype remains the same as our initial modal - identical to the haplotypes of G6, G7, and G12. However DYS# 607 may emerge as a distinguishing marker between the Moses I and Peter I lines. In the Peter I line the universal value for DYS# 607 is 15. In the Moses I line G12 and G3 carry a value of 15 and G4, G8 and G15 have a value of 16 - a fairly even distribution. However, G12 and G3 are both descendants of Moses I's oldest son, Thomas, while G8 is descended from MosesI/Aaron and G8 and G15 are most likely descended from MosesI/John. The display of a value of 16 in two sub-lines of Moses I increases the odds of value 16 having been the Moses I value at DYS# 607. We will have to gather additional Moses I descendant data to resolve this question.

New data and their associated lineages as well as any appropriate modification to the Gordy Modal Haplotype will be posted as that new data becomes available from Family Tree DNA.

Both "Results" and "Lineage" links will open in a separate new window so that you may view them together. Please note that "Lineage" contains the information that we have on each participant's descendancy. There is no information given for the two participants listed under "Peter I and Moses I" because their links to the Gordy family are not yet documented.

DNA Donor Lineages Latest information added 06 May 2011.

DNA Result Chart Latest information added 14 June 2012.



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