The Gordy Family
The Gordy Family
DNA Surname Project

How to Join the Gordy DNA Surname Project

As one of the reasons for initiating a Gordy Surname Project was to determine if the Gordys were descended from John Cary, in January 2007 we requested permission to join the Cary/Carey Surname Project and were accepted. We had four DNA tests of Gordy men completed under the Cary Project. Those tests clearly indicate that there is not a genetic connection to the tested descendents of Thomas Cary the Immigrant.

In July 2007, we established a separate Gordy DNA Surname Project. If you investigate the FamilyTreeDNA site you may discover that it is be more economical for you to have the test done from within the Gordy project than as an unaffiliated individual. For kits processed within a project some of the administrative tasks are handled by the family project coordinator rather than FT-DNA personnel and they pass the savings on to the customers.

To join the Gordy DNA Surname Project, complete the following steps. (If you have trouble with two web pages open at the same time, print this page first.)

1) To begin the order process: Click Here.  This will take you to the order form in the Gordy Project section of FamilyTree DNA.

2) Fill out the form. The information that goes on this page has to be that of the male who is submitting the sample. The last entry requested on this page is the “Type of Test”. The test that we are recommending to give us the best understanding in the 8 to 12 generation range is the “Y-DNA - -  Male 37 marker Paternal test….$149.00(Group)”. Click continue.

4) This is the Confirmation and Credit Card page. Check your submitted information and enter your credit card information. If the credit card to be used belongs to someone other than the DNA donor, the information on this page should be that of the credit card owner. Click “Confirm”.

5) The e-mail address you provide (probably both if you provide two e-mail addresses – we have only one, so I’m not sure) will receive an acknowledgement from FamilyTreeDNA.

6) The DNA sample collection kit will be mailed out right away and will arrive in a few days. (It is mailed from FamilyTreeDNA in Houston TX.) The kit you receive includes good directions for collecting and packing the samples and contains the return mailing materials.  (When I mailed Fred’s back, I sent it Priority and put a confirmation tracking number on it --- you may call me paranoid, it’s OK….just wanted to know it was there.)

7) Then comes the hard part --- waiting.

While you are waiting, the FamilyTreeDNA web site has lots of wonderful information and references for those interested in genetics/genealogy. It is great fun to explore. Some of their reference links are also included on our “Research Links” page.



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